Nurturant STEM Learning

Nurturant STEM Learning is a two-year AISL Innovations in Development project. Led by Dr. Maria Olivares of Boston University’s Earl Center for Learning & Innovation and Andrew Coy, Executive Director of Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, MD. The project collaborates with young patients, their families, and hospital staff to design informal STEM learning experiences in pediatric settings. The project designs opportunities for creative, exploratory, and nurturant STEM learning through culturally responsive and affirming learning experiences. The project emphasizes the importance of attending to health and well-being as critical components of learning, especially for young people in environments that can feel sterile, isolating, and anxiety-inducing. Through patient-centered co-design at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, the project is developing innovative and adaptable STEM learning environments that offer nurturance through STEM-rich learning that supports robust and personally-meaningful STEM identity development for hospitalized youth.

Grant # 2005942