Realizing Radical Hope Speaker Series

James Baldwin wrote that “hope is invented every day.” In that spirit, at the Earl Center we embrace radical hope as a way of being, thinking and acting in and with our unrelentingly difficult world. We embrace radical hope as a living argument for the possible. We created this speaker series to engage with participants in collective social dreaming of what projects of educational justice can and should be to bring educational justice to life.

Dr. Cliff Lee


Mills College at Northeastern University

Dr. Lee, Professor of Education at Northeastern University, will discuss work recently published in collaboration with Dr. Lissa Soep, Creative Director and Co-Founder of YR Media. Their work explores the intersection of computer science, young people, and social transformation


This podcast will feature invited speakers for a follow-up conversation and dig deeper into major themes and aims that shape their work and engage with compelling issues that emerged during their talk. Stay tuned.

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